CN5109: Web Applications Development

Dr Andres Baravalle


This module introduces you to the core theoretical and practical background necessary for multi-tier web applications development, using the LAMP/WAMP stack(s).

This content matches the 2015-16 CN5109 module. The material for the 2014-15 module has been archived here.

Module schedule (weeks 1-4)

Week 1-2 Module organisation (see VLE)
Building n-tier web applications and Installing your development environment (Workshop 1)
Appendix A
Week 3-4 Installing and using your development tools (week 3, Workshop 2)
Using Mastodon (week 3, Workshop 3)
Starting with PHP
Chapter 1
Chapter 26 (self study)

Module schedule (weeks 5-8)

Week 5-6 Including files and using arrays Chapter 2 (self study)
Chapter 3
Week 7-8 Interacting with strings Chapter 4

Module schedule (weeks 9-12)

Week 9-11 Reusing code and writing functions
Objects and OO PHP
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Week 12 TCA 1  

Module schedule (weeks 13-14)

Week 13 Agile software development On-line documentation
Week 14 Remote resources and sessions Chapter 19 and 22

Module schedule (weeks 15-17)

Week 15 Assessment explanation (coursework)  
Week 16-17 PHP & databases
Installing and using XAMPP (Workshop 4)
Interacting with databases (Workshop 5)
On-line documentation
Chapters 8-13

Module schedule (weeks 18-22)

Week 18 Coursework - where do I start from?  
Week 19 Using git On-line documentation
Week 20 Testing PHP scripts On-line documentation
Week 21-22 PHP the right way Chapter 19 and 22

Module schedule (weeks 23-24)

Code samples

Frequently asked questions

Question: How to I set up Apache?
Answer: Please review the slides on Installing your development environment

Question: Where can I find more PHP programming exercises?
Answer: GIYF - there are dozens of web sites with basic PHP activities. is a good starting point.

Question: Where can I find some challenging PHP programming exercises?
Answer: Look for Zend PHP5 Certification exercises; this is a good starting point.

Are you running like a headless chicken?

Headless chicken

Make sure that you come to the lecture, to the labs (you can come to both labs!), read the book and do all the activities in the slides!