IM3082: Issues in Internet design and development

by Andres Baravalle


This module enables you to create and manage web-based applications for business purpose.


Each week:

  • You will have some assigned readings from your textbook. You must read them as part of your week's activities
  • You will have a lecture/practical session, delivered in the lab, normally covering a combination of theorethical and practical topics

Unit outline

  1. Introduction to the module
  2. Agile methods (Saad Bin Saleem)
  3. Advanced requirements collection and elicitation (Saad Bin Saleem)
  4. Installing your development environment and Using Mastodon
  5. Ethical, social, legal and professional issues in web development (Josephine Stein)
  6. Introduction to Drupal: basic functionalities
  7. Drupal: Configuration, access control and adding content
  8. Drupal: Content authoring and taxonomies
  9. Drupal: Themes, views, panels and other modules
  10. Drupal Ecommerce
  11. Drupal projects analysed
  12. Presentations

The module will be delivered over 12 weeks.