CN4103 Web Technologies (block 2)

Dr Andres Baravalle


This block introduces you to the core theoretical and practical background necessary to use cascade style shees in web development.

Your lecturer - Dr Andres Baravalle

  • Currently working on extracting and analyzing information from the dark web. The work has been featured on the front page of The Times, on the BBC and on most of main UK newspapers
  • In charge of our OpenStack project (2015-); lead the configuration and installation of OpenStack on our Centos 7 cluster
  • Technical supervision of our IT labs (2014-)
  • Core research interests in web technologies, security and data mining/data analysis
  • Worked in 70+ web development projects since 1999



Core text book

  • Ducket, J. (2014) HTML and CSS: design and build websites. Wiley.

Suggested readings

  • McFarland, D. S. (2015) CSS3 The Missing Manual. O'Reilly Media.
  • Cranford Teague, J. (2012) CSS3 Visual Kickstart Guide. Peachpit Press.
  • W3schools CSS site
  • W3C specifications (Level 1, Level 2 and any levels which have Recomendation or Candidate Recomendation status; advanced reading)

Module schedule (lessons 1-3)

Module schedule (lessons 4-6)