IM2801: Web Applications Programming

by Andres Baravalle


This unit introduces you to web applications development using (part of) the LAMP/WAMP stacks:

  • Windows or Linux
  • Apache
  • MySQL (you will not be studying MySQL on this module)
  • PHP


Each week:

  • You will have some assigned readings from your textbook. You must read them before the lecture.
  • You will have a lecture, delivered in class, covering some of the learning material for the week
  • You will participate to a workshop, where you will work on coding

On week 1, there will be no workshop. On week 2, the workshop will cover installation and set up of the development environment.

Starting from week 3, you will work on the activities included in the lecture slides for the week before (e.g. on Week 3 Workshop you will be working on the Week 2 activities).

Unit outline

  1. Building n-tier web applications
  2. Starting with PHP and Installing your development environment (workshop)
  3. Including files and using arrays and Using Mastodon (workshop)
  4. Interacting with strings and Assessment explanation
  5. Reusing code and writing functions
  6. Revision (Tuesday @ 10:00 and Thursday @ 11:00 tutorials only)
  7. Objects and OO PHP
  8. Agile software development and Assessment - Where do I start from?
  9. PHP & NoSQL and Assessment - Using MongoDB for your project
  10. Remote resources, sessions and advanced PHP
  11. PHP The Right Way

The module will be delivered over 12 weeks.