2 weeks with CSS


CSS is everywhere. Web development nowadays couldn’t be conceived without CSS.

I have taught HTML + CSS the first time back in 1999 – so I’ve probably spent quite some time with the language.

You can study CSS in 1 day or 1 month – depending on the level of depth you need. This year I have taught CSS over 2 weeks in Hangzhou Dianzi University in China and I have used John Ducket book, “HTML & CSS: Design and Build Web Sites” and slides as a starting point.

On top of his material, I have prepared a few hundred slides with both theory and activities.

The slides are available here – feel free to use, modify and redistribute under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

About Andres

Andres Baravalle currently (since September 2018) works at Akamai (UK) as an Engagement Manager. Before he has been working as a Senior Lecturer in the University of East London (2009-2018), as Lecturer in the Open University (2006-2009) and as Research Associate, in the University of Sheffield (2004-2006). He has finished his ph.D. in Computer Science, at Turin University in February 2004. As consultant, he has been working for several firms, in the in the area of web applications development, system administration, security and data analysis.